You don’t automatically start to enjoy Reggae music once you start using THC. Likewise, you don’t automatically start gaining weight once you take THC. In fact, some types of THC don’t give you the munchies at all, but can have the opposite effect. We help answer the question, does THC make you gain weight?

You might be wondering how Hemp compliant Delta 9 THC is even possible!? It’s a lot more simple than you think, and you’d be surprised why this isn’t more common. Here is what you need to know about compliant Delta 9 THC and what products are available.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try THC-O you’re really missing out! THC-O-Acetate (ATHC) is often referred to as THC-O. However, a lot is still not known about this powerful cannabinoid. What is known is that it’s 3X stronger than regular THC, it’s legal, and the type of experience that you get from it.

An up and coming cannabinoid that’s making waves in the Hemp industry is HHC. If you’re not familiar with this cannabinoid there’s no need to worry. It has similar effects to THC, a longer shelf life, along with the possibility of not showing up on a drug test. Therefore, here is why the HHC cannabinoid is a game changer.

The Hemp plant has been around for thousands of years, and has been used for different purposes. As of 2018, we’ve really started to discover it’s different properties and cannabinoids. However, you might be wondering how many cannabinoids are in the Hemp plant? We break this down for you in a very simple way.

Although THCV has the letters - THC in it, you’d be surprised to learn that it’s actually really different from regular THC. Our new Zenergy collection features THCV along with other Hemp-derived cannabinoids that synergize well together, and deliver a unique experience. Learn about THCV and other cannabinoids.

You may have started to notice a trend at Delta Extrax; we’ve been taking exotic-lesser known cannabinoids and enriching them with our premium Delta 8 THC. You’ll observe that one of the latest editions to our Delta 8 THC Infused Hemp flower is White Rhino. This Hemp flower is infused with both Delta 8 and CBG, which creates a unique high.

Yet another cannabinoid that is growing in popularity is THCP, which stands for Tetrahydrocannabiphorol. It is derived from Hemp and acts very similar to regular THC, because it is psychoactive; However, it’s known to be 33 times stronger! Here is what you need to know about THCP.

One of the best alternatives to vaping or smoking are THC Edibles. There are some notable differences between vaping/smoking and Edibles; also, the high tends to last a bit longer in Edibles. Discover why Edibles are a popular way to get high as we get into the science behind Delta 8 THC Edibles.