If you’ve ever tried any type of THC, such as Marijuana or Delta 8; you’ve noticed that your eyes tend to turn red. It doesn’t matter if you smoke your THC or take it in edible form, if you’re high - your eyes will turn red. We’re here to help you understand why THC makes your eyes turn red. Also, we’ll be exploring some common beliefs about using eye drops while high.

It’s that time of the year again! And with the Holidays closely approaching - it’s time to start thinking about what cool gifts to give. One great way to share the Holiday cheer is with some Delta 8 THC. They make for great stocking stuffers for the stoners in your life. Here is your Delta 8 Holiday gift guide.

The cannabis plant is still being researched heavily based on all of the individual cannabinoids it contains. There are over 120 cannabinoids that we know of so far, and among those is THCV. A popular question that we get asked often is if THCV will help you lose weight. Here is what you need to know about THCV.

We have collaborated with another Delta 8 company to bring you our Sugar Extrax collection. This collection features our premium Delta 8 THC + Delta 10 THC + THC-O that you know and love. However, the amazing flavors in this collection is something you have to try for yourself. Here is a brief introduction to our Sugar Extrax products.

Your Delta 8 THC cartridge might get clogged from time to time, and this is perfectly normal. Delta -8 THC is an isomer of the hemp plant and is an extract. What this means is that Delta-8 THC, in its raw form is a very thick, sticky substance. The good news is there are several simple solutions in order to avoid your Delta 8 THC cartridge from getting clogged.

There are well reported over 144 cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant, but Delta 9 THC is by far the most popular. However, a new but old cannabinoid called Delta 8 THC started to gain some notoriety. Although it might not make sense, here is why Delta 8 THC became legal, but Delta 9 did not.

Since we’ve first launched Delta 10 THC, it has revolutionized the way people look at Hemp. Although Delta 8 THC is great, Delta 10 THC has more of a get up and be active aspect. So, we decided to upgrade one of our best selling products - the Delta 10 THC Disposables with 2 new disposables at 2 grams of THC each.

There exist at least 140 cannabinoids that we know about, but there remain more cannabinoids that are still yet to be discovered. With all of these cannabinoids you might be wondering what is the most potent cannabinoid? We get this question asked all the time. Here is what you need to know about potent cannabinoids.

Have you heard the news!? Delta Extrax has all new devices for Cartridges and Concentrates! These long awaited products are a game changer, and are designed specifically for certain Delta Extrax products. We would like to introduce you to our Hydro Bubbler for Cartridges, and Extrax Vaporig for Dabs and Pearls.