The Future of Cannabis is Not Marijuana

The Future of Cannabis is Not Marijuana

You might have heard how new cannabinoids have been making waves in the cannabis industry. What’s interesting is that more and more people have been getting high; but, off of hemp and not marijuana. This is no surprise since there exist a lot of restrictions when it comes to marijuana. Therefore, we believe that the future of cannabis is not marijuana - it’s hemp!

The Marijuana Experience

The Marijuana Experience

If you ask anyone over the age of 30 about what it was like to smoke weed when they were younger, you’ll learn that it wasn’t that easy. Most had a contact that would get them some form of marijuana. Dispensaries were not abundant as they are now, and different strains were not readily available.

Marijuana Potency

Accessibility to potent marijuana is a lot easier now when compared to 30 years ago. This has a lot to do with lesser marijuana laws restrictions and the internet. Pot shops, weed delivery services, and internet searches provide easy access to weed. Also, knowledge of certain strains and their benefits has increased as well.

Although a marijuana joint is now easily accessible through the click of a mouse, or a tap on the phone, it can be expensive. The more top-shelf you get, the higher the price tag will be. Now that it’s starting to become more legal, you could expect to pay a lot more due to taxation.

Marijuana is Getting Expensive

With more and more states legalizing marijuana, legislators are starting to notice the revenue that marijuana sales bring in. In an article published by L.A. Weekly, they outlined some major factors why weed is so expensive which includes: Limited banking, high taxes, marketing and advertising, and expensive overhead cost.

While the legalization of marijuana is a good thing, it’s going to cause the cost of weed to go up. You can expect the cost from pot shops to be passed onto the consumer. At the end of the day it has to make financial sense for a dispensary to stay in business. So, the higher the cost of doing business = the higher the price tag on weed.

Hemp Derived THC

What hemp derived THC is it’s an extract from the hemp plant - the same process as making CBD. However, the hemp plant produces low amounts of THC and even a lesser amount of Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC.

A Less Potent High

Hemp derived THC provides a less potent high when compared to actual weed. This is because of the chemical composition in Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC is different. Therefore, it will take much more of the product to get you high - but it will get you high.

There are several reasons why a person would choose this less potent high instead of just using marijuana. This includes a less chance of it triggering anxiety, and the fact that it is legal in some states where weed is illegal.

Less Side Effects

Hemp derived THC users tend to experience less side effects when compared to weed (Delta-9 THC). This is because the type of hemp that we extract from is not cultivated for that sole purpose like weed is. In other words, hemp THC gets you high, but it’s not as intense as weed THC - which some people love.

It’s been often said that if weed takes you 2 hits to get you high - hemp derived THC will take you 3. You can still expect to feel similar effects to weed, but you are less likely to feel the negative side effects when compared to traditional marijuana, like anxiety.

Legal In More States

The Farm Bill was passed in 2018 making CBD legal on Federal level. However, individual states have restricted both CBD and hemp derived extracts. This means that there are more states that have legalized hemp extracts because of the Farm Bill.

At the time that this blog was written - there hasn’t been any Federal laws passed to decriminalizing marijuana. Although state laws vary, we’re hoping that this current presidential administration will finally legalize all types of cannabis.

Hemp Will Never Replace Marijuana

Hemp Will Never Replace Marijuana

Now, when we say that the future of cannabis is not marijuana - it’s hemp; we’re not saying that hemp is going to replace marijuana. What we are saying is that hemp is already available in more states than marijuana. Also, expect more products infused with hemp extracts like CBD, CBG, CBN, and other forms of THC.

Mixing THC Products

The type of products that you could expect to see a lot more are different types of thc like Delta 8, Delta 10, THCV, THCA, etc. Also, the mixing of different types of THC along with Terpenes and CBD. Although these products already exist, you could expect to see a lot more combinations in the near future.

Another current trend among the weed community is using THC products instead of traditional flower. Although Flower is still popular, the discovery of different methods such as vape, edibles, and tinctures are growing even more popular; this is especially true with those who find the smoking weed to be harsh on the throat and lungs.


In conclusion, we believe that the future of cannabis is hemp because of the current laws and how familiar people are with CBD. Although marijuana will always be a major player in the cannabis industry; it has opened the doors for those looking for more less potent, less mind altering high. So, for now you can enjoy hemp THC in some states where marijuana is illegal, and until laws change - hemp derived THC will continue to get more popular.

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